SBS Copper Kate (variation)


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Playing around with Allan Liddle’s Golden Ordie. Couldn’t get a decent distribution of the collar using that method so I’m looking for alternatives to the tying sequence.

hook – WFC Model 6 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 black
tail - golden pheasant crest
rib - small wire silver
body - dubbing black
body hackle - black
collar - Starburst (Flytyer’s Dungeon product) copper

Mash barb/start thread; wrap to bend

Tie in tinsel, brush bend with Super Glue, wrap down and back; tie off/trim

Measure (gap width pat bend) crest feather; tie in

Tie in rib

Dub thread/dub body

Tie in hackle, wrap to bend

Capture tip of hackle with rib, continue thru to head; helicopter end/cover with thread, trim hackle tip

Give body/hackle a good scrub

Even tips on a hank of Starburst fibers, push around hook at eye, trying to surround shank; tie down

Pull the fibers facing forward to the rear, again trying to encircle shank; tie down, whip finish

Pull fibers forward, trim to length (hook length worked best)

Hit it with a hair dryer, SHHAN



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Nice fly..

I’ve never used that copper stuff...but I have used dubbing loops for what I suspect is similar material. Hand stack & cut to desired length then spin away

Mike d


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Split thread dubbing loop and very sparsely dub the copper material in a perpendicular fashion; spin bobbin; take a stiff tooth brush and comb it all in one direction; wrap as a collar while stroking the fibers rearward with each wrap; finger pluck fibers to length.


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That is stunning! I catch more steelhead and rainbows on black and copper flies than anything except for beads. I'll have to add this to my arsenal.

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