2020 Shootout


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A foot and a half snow on the ground with more on the way here in western SD has made me opt out of hunting and fishing for the weekend and there is only so much fly typing a guy can take in a day. Fortunately, George Anderson shared his 2020 shootout today so that offered some light reading. Figured I would share with y'all.

Randall Clark

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They must really be trying to pump their sales of NRX+ and Radian's....

I'll keep my Steffen Bros. trout stick thank you very much...


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In every one of these shootouts they preface their remarks with something like: "The high end rods will always make you a better fisherman". They sell rods. The highest profit margin is in the high end rods........I wonder if......
.......naw, it couldn't be........
The only thing that will make me a better flyfisherman is spending more time on water, instead of spending more on high end rods.

It reminds me of over-weight middle-aged bike riders spending outrageous amounts on ridiculously expensive bicycles in the hope a few grams less equipment weight will offset a fat-ass and absence of painful training.


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Some 'classic' equipment folks still do.. at least part time. Only in my case, SA 'System' rods built on Fisher blanks (smiling)

I am thinking serious about updating my primary 7wt Trout streamer rod this season.. Back to Scott! (long time fan) Either Meridean or the new Sector.

David Loy

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.... A good fisherman could use an old Fenwick 8 1/2' fiberglass rod and catch fish all day long. In fact, they did.
True that, and I’ve embraced several fiberglass rods in the last few years. But, I realized a couple years back that what I was in fact missing in the quiver was a faster action 5wt. And, I reviewed the 2018 shootout and decided to give my first Scott (590 Radian) a try. For many things I really like glass, but the Radian sure is fun to throw. Glad to have it.

Steve Birrer

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Ill make the same comment I do on every one of their tests. They are not scientifically accurate. They claim that they use their approach to ensue consistency. And that is important. But testing a rod with only one line is just not sound science. Period.

David Loy

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Seems like the Shootout is already a long read. Knowing how some rods perform with shooting heads, or double tapers (examples of the many line types) would be valuable to some, but I’d imagine at least double the text. I already have a few books I haven’t finished.
ADD probably.
You’re right in that it’s not perfect. I’ve often thought they push products they carry. But really, George’s reputation is likely worth more than that.

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