Trip Report Fly Fishing Montana Grayling Arm of Hebgen Lake June Morning


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Highlights of the day in a music video montage.
Fly Fishing Montana Grayling Arm Hebgen Lake Evening July.jpg
A gorgeous sunset at Rainbow Point. We launched from the Rainbow Point boat launch.
Fly Fishing Montana Grayling Arm of Hebgen Lake June Morning9.jpg
These fish fought very well and often jumped several times
Fly Fishing Montana Grayling Arm of Hebgen Lake June Morning1.jpg
We fished in mid June and it was incredibly cold most of the time. Started with snow on a couple of mornings. But had plenty of sunshine as well. Of course it was windy most of the days in the afternoon.
Fly Fishing Montana Grayling Arm of Hebgen Lake June Morning10.jpg
The majority of the fish caught were Rainbows and many with good size. 14-17 inches most common with a few bigger ones. We also caught a few similar sized Browns. The early mornings were slow, I think due to the cold weather, and picked up throughout the day. We had a couple of really incredible periods (A few hours on a couple of different days) of fishing where we caught fish every cast and did not have to wait long between fish.
Fly Fishing Montana Grayling Arm of Hebgen Lake June MorningNS15.jpg
We used this Mayfly nymph (Purchased from fly shop in West Yellowstone) and a size 14-16 red snow cone Chironomid most of the time under an indicator 8-15 feet usually on a drop off. But we also used these same flies without a strike indicator and did very well just slow pulling it. We caught several fish on olive and black Buggers as well. We got into a little dry fly action in the afternoons for a very short window (Midge and Mayfly hatch) in a calm bay using a Griffiths Gnat and an Adams


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towards the end of a memorable 3 week road trip through Wyoming and Montana, one morning wife and I were a couple miles upstream on the Madison, without another fisherman in sight, when we saw V wakes coming at us from just pure luck we were witnessing the start of the annual brown trout migration from Hebgen Lake, which the fly shop crew had informed us was running weeks late...the next couple of hours turned into the most epic swung streamer fishing we've ever the early afternoon we stopped by the fly shop on the way back to our cabin to inform them, and within under five minutes the shop was locked up and every vehicle that had been in the parking lot was speeding down the road...

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