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My waterproof iPhone case does have an attachment point for a lanyard, on the bottom right corner. But only the smallest diameter cord fits through the hole. The brand is Asakuki.

I don't use that attachment point. Instead, I use a silicone rubber stretchy lanyard, with loops that grip the iPhone (within its waterproof case) around each corner. You can find them online for $2 - $10. Google "Silicone lanyard cell phone holder."
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I too have the OMD EM5 ii

Excellent camera w excellent lens options.

I take it hiking, but not fishing so far.

I have a waterproof point and shoot for fishing, on a lanyard around my neck, w the camera in my shirt pocket.

I suppose if a cell phone case , perhaps a waterproof one, had an attachment point on the corner, it might also go on a lanyard.

Try some fish pics with a portrait lens. So much fun if you have a buddy to hold the fish!

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