Wild Browns, all on Dries in "Bosnia"!


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I was hesitant to post this video because of its length. But, for those of us who enjoy unique, out-of-way places and Wild Browns on dries this video goes by rather quickly. I suspect these young fellows could of had way less success and still been quite happy after the several rounds of some sort of local spirits. I could not help but thinking about the real hell this country has gone through in the past and now what would seem a very peaceful, and appealing setting for our beloved sport.

Hope you will enjoy this half as much as I did.


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I've lost browns as big as that one that got away. It's a gut wrenching feeling. Somewhere there's a video my dad took of me fighting a brown that was about fifteen pounds. You get a glimpse of it, then see it's massive tail come out of the water as I attempt to solo net it. Then a giant wake as it jets away, and me standing there with a 'WTF just happened" look on my face.

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Sure, let's trade some brown stories.
I was fishing the Deschutes river, OR north of Bend in the summer. Many, many years ago.
I had parked at the pull off by the bridge and was rock hopping, watching for rising trout and rattlesnakes.
I found a pod of fish rising to a hatch of caddis flies.
I pulled out a perfect cast, my fly lit on the water so nice and light and as I watch it drift into the pod I see this monster rise off the bottom and head for my fly.
It seems like slow motion, as browns often take a slow look before taking and just as this monster opens it's mouth to take my fly I lift my fly off the water.
I'm shaking from the site of this fish.
The reason I took my fly away is I was using 6x tippet and I knew I would have just pissed this monster off before it broke me off.

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Love brown stories. This one I didn't catch or even cast to.

One early summer evening 30 years ago fishing the shallow SW bay at Nunnally, I had a seriously monstrous brown explode out of the water easily 4 feet and snatched a dragon fly out of the air ten yards away from me and my tube. I just happened to be looking in the right direction at the absolute right time. The evening sun was close to setting directly behind me and the fish just seemed to hang in the air, basking in the last bit of sunlight, as the beautiful colors froze that image forever in my minds eye. Just sat there alone, shaking in my tube till dark, knowing that I had most likely just see the greatest take I will ever bear witness to.

30 years later of serious effort, this one still is far and away the greatest moment of my flyfishing journey! Never to be equaled or forgotten...

Thank you for bringing it back to me again @girlfisher :D


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Does anyone think (maybe daydream) that Fly Fishing and the pleasures it brings to us (especially large browns on dries) had something to do with the healing of this once War torn country from the not so distant past? I am probably being a bit overly dramatic but I'd like to think that fishing like this would make the worst of enemies become kindred spirits.

Perhaps someone here who shares my old age can remember a Fly Fishing magazine story of an American lad who engages with a German soldier. They both end up fishing for, "yes", native browns in Germany. For that brief moment in time bitter enemies were knitted together in harmony sharing a common passion.


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Thanks for sharing, this fabulous video. At first I thought it was a video about bar hopping they way they were drinking but later in the video it was great. Nice to see people in other parts of the world enjoying fly fishing as much as we do here.. ;)


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I was on an alpine lake near Mt Adams. I am standing up sighting fish on a long shoal. I see a few small guys darting around. I get to the end and work back the way i came. I am about to the other end when i see a log on the bottom start to move. I look closer and watch a long brown trout slither along the bottom like a snake and disappear into the depths. I almost went back to bait fish that beast.


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About 1988 I was in Poland for work. We were in Krakow for a few days over a weekend and one of my local contacts talked about fly fishing the San river. It turned out to be only about a 2 hr car ride away. We went one Sat. morning and fished the whole day on the river and had a great time. Many Browns and Grayling were taken on dries. It was a little complicated to get on the river due to local regs and having to rent/borrow equipment without staying at a lodge, but was worth the trouble.

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