Let's do this! 2019-20 ski thread


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Winter has settled in to SW Montana so it is time again to dust off the boards.

Day 1 is in the books as I got out yesterday for early season turns. Considering I've skied on dirt here for opening weekend it was surprisingly good.

I also plan to learn how to ride this thing this year. My first goal is not to die.

Here's to another fun year.

Jim Ficklin

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Winter has settled in to SW Montana so it is time again to dust off the boards.
I'll ski vicariously with you, Swimmy. I never had that kind of grudge against my knees even when I was younger. I did do my share of cross-country skiing & rode the hell out of snow machines with no major mishaps other than the occasional breakdown. I almost always rode with a partner, carried snow shoes or short back country skis when I was "away" from people alone and was damn cautious in avalanche areas.

Have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing some Montana back country winter photos. Be safe!


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Those of us on the west side might be waiting a while longer before we get enough snow mixed with the dirt to actually ski!


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Resized_IMG_20191130_202342_501.jpeg Good idea Swim.
We skied out the door and across the prairie yesterday. Probably again this afternoon.
All was well until the dog shit in the trail and my wife skied through it ,getting a nice coating from tip to tail.
Is that where the expression "shit happens" came from?
Tele boards are ready too.
Looking forward.

Brian Miller

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Tele boards are ready too.
Ahhh, from a long time ago. I wouldn't want to put my artificial hip at risk (though my cousin does, or did a few years ago with downhill skis) even if I was in shape these days for it.
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Some time ago I read an article from 2017 that talked about the demise of Tele skiing and gear but I see some skis and bindings labeled as Telemark are still being sold.


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I've downhill skied with an artificial hip for over 15 years and with two artificial hips the last 3 seasons. During that time I've skied hard, fallen hard, and been carried out twice on the ski patrol sled - but never had a hip issue. The ortho surgeon suggested I learn to play the piano. Turned 65 this year and will be skiing Jackson Hole for the first time in Jan 2020 and for the first time taking advantage of the senior discount for my lift ticket.


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Yep,made the switch from alpine 30 years ago . Finally upgraded to plastic boots and burly bindings...real difference maker. I can ski longer now and cheat with a parallel turn now and again. Funny how the sport has declined. Mostly diehards, not much for a new crop.
Keep with it until the knees go.

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