Let's do this! 2019-20 ski thread


I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
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Met up with a couple of backcountry bros today for a hike. Solid objective, 3500' of climbing. It was humbling trying to keep up with them as man were they fast in the skintrack.

Skiing was variable but we found some decent snow on the north facing aspects. Views weren't bad either.



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After a month of no skiing I finally got up to Schweitzer Thurs and the groomers were firm and fast. Yesterday it softened up PM with decent ceilings both days. Dropped 5" last night with expected 3-5" today. I'll be riding the magic carpet with the grandkids today and it looks like mush, but tomorrow and Monday will get out with colder temps and a little more fluff in the forecast.

Mr. Swimmy, what's the peak in the background? I haven't had the BC gear off the rack this year. It's been heavy amounts followed by melt/freeze then repeat. We missed the few opportunities that came up with work and travel.


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Definitely want to wait until after March/April as the Sierra snow pack can go from zero to hero in one big storm. I'm waiting to see about another Mammoth trip this year. Hoping I won't have to wait until June for a week of sunny, warm weather like last season.
I went ahead and signed on for a Sierra hike in August.
It would take a massive change in weather patterns this month to overcome the dry February, just to get up to normal.

Getting snow packed-out of this high Sierra itinerary, like we did in 2017 and 2019 seems unlikely.

But yeah, things could change.



I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
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Swimmy, what's the peak in the background?
Mt Delano. We also call it Deep Creek Peak.

Mtns picked up 4-8" of heavy snow overnight. I've been nursing pretty bad heel pain for the past couple of days so gonna have to sit this one out.


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No clue. Thinking just overuse?

But it is so bad I can't even fish
It's amazing how stuff can just crop up. My body has been telling me to take it down a notch. Working and playing hard is what I live for, as is the same for you and then some. When body parts hurt, it's time to tie more flies.....


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I thought that was right leaning owners of large properties in the SE USA that grew a lot of cotton. :D


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I think it is just a tender spot on my heel. It was much better today.

Would've like to have been skiing but had fun cruising around and taking photos.

Come on Swim...if you are not skiing you should be fishing.
Scored some Browns on a trib of a trib this afternoon. This guy left his lair in the roots to chase a brown bugger with white rubber legs.


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