Let's do this! 2019-20 ski thread


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Looks like the cascades are about to get hit, hopefully this opens the flood gates for some time. SW Montana and Washington are always on different storm patterns. A storm that hits the Washington passes doesn’t hit Bozeman. My dream would be to ski Washington December through February and then Montana March through May

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Swimmy wasn't the only skier who Santa visited.


Just got back from five days in Aspen burning through my Ikon Pass days. Conditions were really good for early season. Arrived the day before the Summit for Life Uphill race and figured why not? Shouldn't be a problem skinning uphill 3,200 vert up to 11,200 feet a day after coming from basically sea level and skiing all day. Strapped on the lycra and the skinny skimo skis. 38th place wasn't too shabby for a flatlander. Spent two days on skis and three working on my terrible snowboard skills. Took three more morning uphill laps and enjoyed the soft snow. Back home enjoying Seattle weather in NC.

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