Bargin bins!

Adam Saarinen

Active Member
Drove 2 hours north a couple of weeks ago to buy a used leather sofa for a steal of a price! On the way home we stopped at a flyshop so i could go through the bargin bin, found these for only 2€ each, well under half price! sketch-1575227971059.png On friday my new local flyshop had Black friday sales, bought this full price because of the new colour. sketch-1575228033060.png But dug all this out of the bargin bin. sketch-1575227990687.png sketch-1575228009676.png All only 2€ each. If you don't live any where near a flyshop, try to stop at one when ever you are on your travels. If they have a bargin bin? You might just find some gold in there!

Adam Saarinen

Active Member
Yes, nice haul. I'd have bought the same flash materials. So where have you been hiding? and...
welcome back!
Thanks, we moved into a new home in september & it's been taking up a lot of my time sorting things out. Also working a part time job on top of my normal job. Busy busy busy. Been fishing a bit when i have time. Finally starting to catch up on things!

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