Generic Right Hackle (dryfly) Mayfly


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Ducktail Mayfly

Short shank light wire scud hook. The abdomen body is an extended tuft of duck flank stroked at the tip only with fabric cement, to keep it tapered to a sharp point. The butt ends of that same tuft are pulled up and held that way with a few parachute thread twists at the base of the wing. A thin extra sparse tuft of long fine-fibers of any kind (Senyo Laser Dub in this case) are pulled up around the duck flank wing to give it a slightly fuzzy look. A single loose figure eight wrap underneath, from the base of the extended tail to the eye, bastes a splayed-out Right Hackle underneath, which can be carpet scraps, Zelon or in this case Snow Shoe Rabbit. A tiny dab of glue underneath holds the loosely basted hackle permanently in place. This is also, among other things, a durable fly. There is nothing wound on (ribbing or feathers) that might eventually unravel.

Easy to make, cheap materials, casts well, lands upright every time, floats well, dries off quickly, catch'a da fish. Can be made large or small, from Baetis to Green Drake.

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