SBS Gold King (variation)


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Found this on the Streamtender site. Original had a pheasant tail wing; I’ve found rump feathers easier to control.

hook – Dai Riki 730 #6
thread - Danville 6/0 black
tail - fox squirrel tail
rib - small wire gold
body - tinsel gold
underwing - calftail dyed orange
hackle - mottled hen
wing - pheasant rump (2 used here)

Mash barb/start thread; wrap to bend

Even tips on a clump of squirrel tail, measure (shank length); tie in/trim

Tie in rib, leave thread about 1 eye width from eye

Tie in tinsel, wrap to bend and back with touching turns; tie off/trim

Counterwrap rib, tie down, helicopter end, cover with thread

Even tips on a clump of calftail, measure (1/2 distance to tail); tie in/trim

Tie in (folded) hackle by tip; wrap, tie off/trim

Stroke hackle fibers down/back, cover with thread wraps

Measure rump feathers (tips to tail), tie in

Pull feathers forward so tips are a bit shorter than tail; tie down/trim, whip finish, SHHAN



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I really like the looks of this fly! Will be tying some of these over the winter for next year's stillwater season. Thanks Scott for posting this WIP!

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