Choosing a reel for new rod


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Choose a real in the 2-4 wt sizing.

Is it gonna be balanced while walking the run or balanced with 30 ft of line out or 60 ft.
Is it ever balanced? Lol.
Jumping off of this, he has a point it will never be "balanced" with all line configurations but I like my reels to balance in the middle of the cork with no line because I personally think it makes up for some of the line off of the tip and I can feel the cast a little better. Plus, the worse its balanced with the tip being the heavy area with no line will only get worse when you start to have line out.

Uncle Stu

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I'm jealous of your life! (but mine's pretty damn good too)

Balance issues aside--Someone above mentioned that any reel on that rod will be mostly a line holder. Given that fact, I wanted to throw out that you don't need a proper drag on your new reel. I prefer to play my fish (up to about 10lb) by palming the reel. I use click-and-pawl reels for the most part, and I was recently gifted a Danielsson Original (Sweden) I can't wait to try. The original Danielssons (designed for Loop) function just like a clicker but they are totally silent, utilizing a unique design that allows tightening enough to prevent backlash, but no more. They reel in both directions so they work both ways without any mods. A simple elegance.

David Loy

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A full fly line weighs somewhere around an ounce, so whether you have 10’ or 30’ out of the tip doesn’t make much difference. Sure, it will change some, but we’re not splitting atoms.

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