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Multiple Galvan reels and spools. All very lightly used in fresh water only and in excellent condition. All will come with pictured backing, fly lines will be removed prior to shipping. PM with any questions, and I will entertain deals on multiple reels. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping.

1. Galvan Torque 6 red, like new. $sold
2. Galvan Torque 8 with spare spool. Forest green. One small area of rim rash. $sold
3. Galvan Torque 10. Black. Excellent used condition. Sold
4. Galvan Torque 12. Silver. Excellent used condition. $sold
5 Galvan Torque 12 spare spool only. Black. Small area of adhesive residue from line sticker. Otherwise excellent shape. $sold



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This work thing keeps getting in the way
Do you have close pics of rim rash for the T8, wondering how bad it actually is.


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Do you have close pics of rim rash for the T8, wondering how bad it actually is.
It’s pretty minor, and therefore difficult to photograph. I’ve attached a photo of the most significant portion which is a chip below the pen in the picture. There is a slight amount of light scratching above and below the chip, but it is light enough to make it impossible to photograph (at least for me).


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