Branson, Plus or Minus?

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Not sure how much you are factoring in tax friendliness of your retirement option, but might be worth considering. As an example, Reno/Carson City area happens to be in Nevada, one of the most tax friendly retirement states. It does get cold but tends to be a dry cold....plenty of sunshine....and close to plenty of good fishing. You can also get to other western states quickly from there in case you want to road trip for trout, etc ;).

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As to my post with the three dots ... I was going to write something on the day this thread was started. But the lights were off and I didn't want to use a flashlight to see to type with so I just deleted it and put in the dots.

I was going to say that I have relatives in Little Rock Ark. And that area is good for tornadoes. But it seems like you have to put up with bad weather no matter where you live. If it isn't too cold, it is too hot. If it's hot and dry some don't like it. That's me I guess.


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I think there's a series on Netflix called "Ozark." I haven't seen it but my buddy told me that some of the effects of tourism are mentioned.
I’ve never been so not sure this is a true representation of the Ozark’s/Branson but it is a good show worth a watch. A couple of the characters fly fish and even tie in the first season albeit not all that realistically (per the usual for movies/tv).

Who knows though, maybe the show is is a good representation considering the crime stats you posted :).
Dean, good posts above to follow. Good airport selections with Springfield an hour away (Bass Pro) and Fayetteville is 1.5 hours away (Univ of Arkansas). Big Cedar Lodge is fun as well. I’ve travelled to Branson for work and enjoy the area. If you go, stop into Mr. G’s pizza and ask the locals about Branson. You’ll hear about the tourism being an issue but people are kind and helpful. Beautiful country down there.

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