Favorite 9ft 5wt dry fly rod?


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Also luv my glx. Some days one is number 1 then another day the other gets the nod. And the nice deal about these rods is they won't break the bank. Mike w

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There is a lot of love for the Loomis GLX fly rod as there should be. It is a fast action rod where as an IM6 is moderate action.

Rod action is your choice.

Winston has a better warranty program than Loomis.

Good luck in your search.

David Loy

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I have the 590 Radian, and imo if you’re a good caster it’s great long, can throw decent streamers, and it’s decent with soft presentation too if you’re on your game. But, while I like it plenty, it’s no match for my old 8’6” 5wt WT Winston. I haven’t cast any of the new Winstons (other than the first borons, B2T, like the “Staff of Moses”), but would be surprised if they’re better. Maybe.


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I also dig the NRX LP 9'5wt for dries. I tried to get it to throw big fat articulated streamers but it struggled in that realm so I got a 6wt Orvis Helios. For bigger hoppers, dry flies and nymph setups the LP does an amazing job. I've really enjoyed fishing with it over the last season.


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I agree with Kfish, the Winston BIIIX is about as sweet is it gets for a 9' 5wt....if you want something with more backbone, Scott Radian and G Loomis Asquith have extra punch...and a Sage VXP is an older rod, but a good casting rod that you can get a deal on if you run across one...
Have the Sage VXP. Can confirm. I've broken it twice but its still my favorite.

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