Favorite 9ft 5wt dry fly rod?


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I’ve never found a need for anything larger than a 4 wt. and now prefer 3 wt 8’6”. If you were in stiff winds often, maybe so.

Bob Triggs

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Orvis Recon 9' 5 weight. Smoothe, forgiving, tight loops when I need them, plenty of spine for longer casts or turning the bigger fish. I love mine.
well for me if im throwing anything bigger then a skwalla or any hopper dropper rig i like a 9' 5wt radian and if im throwing little stuff like film critics and rs2's i got some love for an old beulah guide 1 series 9' 5wt rod i found frozen in a bunch of bank ice... its a fun rod to cast and it bends really deep when u get a fish. good rod for 5x tippet and you could probably find one for under 100 bucks

David Loy

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Butter on Sophia??? OMG, I’m with you pal!
Unfortunately I sold maybe the best 5wt dry fly rod I’ll ever cast, but it wasn’t 9’. The Winston 586-3 WT. I have other options so am doing OK, but for a 5wt that’s a hard one to beat.


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I just bought a new rod , a fenwick Aetos based on the “shoot-out results. My first rod over $100 since before kids. I bought a ten foot 5 weight and it casts great, very accurate and good for distance too. They have a 9 foot version too, got the long rod because I spend a lot of time in a tube.


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I also bought a new Aetos 10 footer but in a 3 wt. I was impressed with how smooth it cast an actual 3 wt line. I tried a 4wt WF line on it and it felt over loaded. A new peach 444 DT is on it now and feels just right. I have wanted the Aetos 3wt 10' since fall and found it on sale for $64 off. Just good karma I guess!

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