FS 3 1/8" Hardy Perfect with Agate Line Guide


For Sale: 3 1/8" Hardy Perfect with agate line guide
- Late 1940s/1950s reel with enamel finish.
- Correct ribbed alloy foot is straight and unaltered.
- Bezel with correct HARDY'S PAT markings and nice gray agate with no chips or cracks.
- Handle turns freely, tension adjustment works perfectly.
This is a nice, tight, small Perfect with no spool wobble or other issues. Finish shows normal wear from use, but no chips, dings, cracks, or repairs. Numbers match on all parts. Comes with correct amount of good 20# backing for use with a WF5F line. $300 shipped and insured withing CONUS. PM or email (preferred) if interested. Thanks.
DSC_3745.JPG DSC_3747.JPG DSC_3748.JPG DSC_3751.JPG

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