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You need to subscribe to the "Confluence Fly Shop" newsletter. Scott is always has notices on what is happening in our sport. There are events on the 12th, 17th, 19th, etc this month listed in their newletter shown on their web site.

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Well, I have to agree with bk. If I were to put on an event, I'd want to get as much publicity as possible so I could maximize my attendance. It's just good business. I'm not upset that I missed the gathering at all but had I known about it, I may well have gone. WFF is one of the major fly fishing forums anywhere and it would have been one place I would have done some advertising. Spey Pages as well, even though it's not based here in the Northwest. I haven't subscribed to Confluence mainly because I have never been there and I subscribe to so many sites already that it often takes 30-40 minutes to read all the stuff I get each day. I do that while I'm having morning coffee just as I am now. I will however, check their web site to see if what they have listed is something I have interest in. Thanks for the heads up.
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FWIW, it was all over social media for about 6 wks prior...
It wasn’t “all over” any social media I use. I visit this site, Facepuke, Instagram, and others almost daily and never seen a thing until this thread.

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