Redington Zero vs Latest Orvis Battenkill (Click Pawl)


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Have either of you messed around with the Battenkill's block mechanism for internally adjusting the drag? Have you noticed any discernible difference when rotating the block's position?

My main hesitation with the Redington Zero is that there are no adjustments, so if I find the "clicker" to provide insufficient drag to keep the line from backlashing then I'm outta luck.
I've been using a Battenkill III with both 4 and 5 weight rods. Great looking reel that works flawlessly. Being an engineer, I had to fool with the drag when I bought the reel! I honestly can't say I could see much difference. My understanding it that the drag on click pawl type reels is more to prevent bird nesting of the line than it is for drag while fighting a fish.

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For the Zero, it depends. If you are going to be on a lake, I would stay away from the Zero, the sound is... unique. If you are mainly on a river, you won't notice it after a few minutes (maybe sessions).
The Ross Colorado LT is by far the most enjoyable trout reel I have ever fished. I use the 4/5 on my 3wt. It is pricy for a click pawl, but I fish with a couple of people who have one and we all love them, super simple and good to
The 1st generation Sage Clicks are amazing, if you can find one. 2nd Gen are nice too, but if offered both, I would go with the earlier model.
TFO BVKs in the small size are a worth a look.
I haven't fished the new Battenkill.
Good luck!


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I have a zero, can't say I'm a big fan. Don't like the "drag" or clicker noise, it sounds plasticky, line doesn't wind on the reel tight or even.... just doesn't feel polished.
I have a Zero for my 5wt. I'm not a big fan of the line control, it backlashes and overruns the spool too easily.

These reports confirm my suspicions, guess the Zero is out of the running. Any other reels out there that compare to the Battenkill in terms of price and quality? The Ross Colorado LT and Sage Click are out of my budget.


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I am a Battenkill fan. If Orvis does one thing right, it’s their reels. I own 5 Hydros sl’s for saltwater fishing and big species in general and 2 Battenkill’s (not click paw) for trout. Solidly constructed, smooth drags and they don’t break the bank. IMO, the Hydros sl, which is now discontinued, is the best value out there for reels. Snatch one up on discount if you have not already.

Heavier than the new fangled light weight options out there today but I prefer that.

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What about the new Medalist?
I use the new Medalist, found a new one in the Classifieds for $100 and it's a great value for the money. I have both 5/6 (trout) and 7/8 size (surf and salmon). Yup, I use it in the salt. Rinse-lube-repeat.

The only place I can't get to for cleaning is the hub where you push the little lever to release the spool from the reel. I wish it was easier to clean and lube that hidden area.


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I bought a demo Orvis Madison III at Grizzly Hackle in Missoula in about 1993. I used it to fish the Bitterroot and its feeder creeks when I lived out there- really good times. It is a great reel for 3-5 weight line. A couple years ago I went online and bought three of the used ones to make a total of two functional reels plus a spare spool or two and some drag parts. These are still my go-to reels and sound just like what you are talking about.

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Another affordable option to check out (for curiosity if nothing else) is the Danielsson reels from Sweden. The Original model was originally designed for and built for Loop. I recently bought one but haven't gotten her wet yet, she still needs a line. The design is unique but the result functions just like a clicker: you can tighten down to prevent backlash, but for drag you palm the spool.

For me the big advantage is that all parts are simple, visible and accessible for cleaning. The one thing missing is that lovely clicker sound!


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These reports confirm my suspicions, guess the Zero is out of the running. Any other reels out there that compare to the Battenkill in terms of price and quality? The Ross Colorado LT and Sage Click are out of my budget.
I’ll be the one to disagree: I like my Redington Zero. It is very light and small, very simple, and looks cool in my opinion. Much less expensive than boutique reels and spare spools are readily available online for less than $50.

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