Redington Zero vs Latest Orvis Battenkill (Click Pawl)

Guy Gregory

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I've been using Orvis stuff for years. I'd stick to the Battenkill or maybe one of their clearwater reels. My Rocky Mtn. is still going strong and the cassette for multiple lines is great for lake fishing.


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I’ll be the one to disagree: I like my Redington Zero. It is very light and small, very simple, and looks cool in my opinion. Much less expensive than boutique reels and spare spools are readily available online for less than $50.
I'll double down on this. Been fishing one on my 3wt for years with 'zero' issues... pun fully intended.

I'm surprised to hear that anyone is having backlash issues. The clicker on my reel is plenty stout. This isn't my every day reel though, maybe the clicker wears out on larger setups and or over extended periods of time?
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Follow up: I placed an order on a Battenkill II. Comments from here and reviews found elsewhere on the internet confirmed the Battenkill's superior quality. Additionally, I was able to find a deal online for the Battenkill which nearly negated the price difference. Thanks for the help y'all.

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