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Brand new with tags! Model # MWX 0008NY91; color is dark navy. Size given is 44; measurements are 37" from bottom of collar to lower edge, 26" armpit to armpit.
Just a little too large for me. $270 cash/paypal, no trades. You pay paypal fees if any; I'll pay to ship in the lower 48.

"A perfect all-weather jacket for a taller gentleman, or ideal for wearing over a suit, the bestselling iconic Border jacket comes in a longer length with a generous fit, and lengthened sleeves.

Designed in the early 1980s by Chairman Dame Margaret Barbour, the Border is named to represent the land border between Scotland and England that founder John Barbour crossed in 1870 to get to North East England, where Barbour is still based.

Made with mediumweight 6oz waxed cotton, the Border is fully interactive with an optional hood and zip-in thermal liners, making it a reliable jacket all year round. Traditional design features such as two generously sized bellows pockets, two moleskin-lined handwarmer pockets, classic corduroy collar with throat flap studs and a large brass ring-pull zip with 'Stormfly' front close give this jacket a timeless look, popular with all ages and for a range of lifestyles.

Designed as a casual, everyday jacket, the Border features two internal poacher's pockets with detachable pocket bags and Velcro stormcuffs for extra protection in foul weather."


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