Looking for a fly-tying class this winter?

Craig Hardt

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Hello everyone,

It's that time of year again! Looking to tie flies for the first time or are a bit rusty? Or maybe you're an old-hand but want to get away from the computer and learn from other experienced tiers in person?

Most fly-fishing clubs host classes and here is your annual reminder about the Evergreen Fly Fishing Club's offering.

It is a 12-week series of fly-tying classes where we start with the basics on week one and then work up to intermediate level fly-tying.
We will even provide you a loaner vice to get started if you don't want to commit to purchasing one yet (I do need to know in advance of the first class please).

And if our time/location doesn't work out for you please take a look at the many other fly-fishing clubs we have in many parts of Washington.

Thank you for your time,

Craig Hardt

Active Member
Happy New Year!

Giving this a bump to remind everyone our class starts next week. It is a fun way to keep that resolution to tie more flies in 2020.

Here's a sampling of what's on the schedule this year (additional weeks TBD and subject change). We start with simpler patterns to ease in the new tiers and then work up to more complex recipes.
  • Simple rabbit streamer
  • Semi seal leech
  • Bunny damsel
  • Foam dragonfly
  • UV chironomid
  • Traditional salmon fly techniques
  • Purple hippie stomper

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