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By any chance does anyone own an Artic Spa or Hot Springs hot tub? We’re looking to pick up one before Christmas so I was hoping someone on here might a recommendation.


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One of my fishing partners and best buds is the marketing manager for Mountain Hot Tubs in Bozeman. He is proud of the Hot Springs brand.

If you want, I can send you a pm with his contact info. He can probably even work you a deal if you use the promo code - swimmy


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My parents have had hot tubs since 1994. They probably average 300 usages per year. Their first hot tub was a Coleman that they kept until about 3-4 years ago. I don't remember what the new one is, but can check on Thursday.


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Just got a call from my old man. His 'new' hot tub is a Hot Springs. He likes it, it is outside in Bozeman, and he hasn't had any problems with it. He said that in his area Hot Springs seems to have the best reputation. I'm sure he did decent research before buying his.
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We have had a Hot Springs since 2014. It's a great hot tub and has help up well with no issues.


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Key advice regarding hot tubs (any mfg); never ever turn them off for any extended periods. You can lower the temp somewhat during periods you're not using them...but keep those pumps operating with a bit of heat on. Nothing good happens in a shut-down hot tub.
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another vote here for Hot Springs...built with hyper insulation, superior motors, pumps and electronics, and utilize ozone water purification. Much quieter (no obnoxious 'full pump filtration' clean cycle neccessary with ozone system), and draw less operational amps.
The first one we bought is now 25 years old and still going strong at a former house, the one at my son's house ten years old and doing the same.


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We have an Arctic Spa Cub. Purchased about 6 or seven years ago from Apollo Spas (which no longer has a shop in Seattle). We had a circuit board go out on it two days before the warranty expired so we were able to get it fixed for free. Otherwise, it's been a really solid purchase. They are extremely well insulated so they tend to hold heat better and use a little less electricity, but around here I'm not sure how big of a selling point that is.

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