Best small saltwater hooks?


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I'm kinda of new to tying saltwater flies. I'm trying then for SRC in sizes 6 and 8. I've been using Mustad 34007s and Daichi 2546s, because they are stainless steel. I'm interested in the Ahrex hooks, but they and other alternatives send to use a corrosion resident finish over corrosion prone metal. If I damage the finish in the vise and by squeezing the Barb, won't they rust? TMCs send way too expensive. What do you all like?



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A black nickel will corrode over time. These Maruto hooks from Japan are a standard O'Shaughnessy style in stainlees steel hook and come as small as a size 12.


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I’ve caught a lot of fish on SC 15’s. Not the most durable hook for beach fishing but they work well.
They run small compared to comparable hooks of the same size.

The Tiemco 811S is a great hook, but not inexpensive. The best way to buy them is in 100 packs.

An alternative to the SC 15 if you like getting more hooks per pack / cheaper per hook cost are the Mustad signature shrimp hook.


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These are tough little hooks

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Does anyone use the gamakatsu sc15 anymore? Just curious. I use them quite a bit for bonefish and permit flies in larger sizes. I know they used to be popular for Puget Sound flies too.

I do still use them, but there are many short shank, wide gap hooks on the market now that I feel are superior. Caught a ton of fish on them and still use them a bit here and there for certain patterns, but being so light they aren't great for keeling certain baitfish patterns and they aren't super durable or strong so I've just kinda gotten away from them more and more.
@Nick Clayton I do like those ahrex hooks a lot. I have been switching over to those a lot for my saltwater stuff too.

The bigger sc15's seem pretty durable, but I do remember the smaller sizes being tiny. Almost need to order 3 sizes larger than expected.


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Gamakatsu sc-15 are good for smaller SRC flies, and my wife likes tying chum babies, etc, with them, but I’ve had the misfortune of having coho straighten them on several occasions.

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