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I want a new hat... mine is well used, as is Roper’s
You and me both. It was brought up today. Need to find a good outfit to help make that happen. I'm not going to go the embroidery route again, and I'm particular. I did complete (mostly) a rubber PVC patch with velcro, intended for caps with velcro already sewn in but unfortunately the 4" patches were too wide for the 3" velcro on the hat. Also wanted to hire an artist to put some fish on shirts with the WFF logo. We'll see if I can get traction with it all this time. :)
I don’t do pay pal. How else can I support you?
Positive re-enforcement. A beer would be nice. A hug if you don't make it awkward.
I like this idea. What also might help is a small listing fee in classifieds.
The subscriptions can cover ongoing classifieds usage for now. Makes things pretty easy on both ends.


I don't use PayPal and the ads don't bother me all that much but I still support this site... always have, always will.

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Chris, in addition to hats or t-shirts I would like to see a WFF decal for vehicles.
I think it would create alot of comraderie by increased face to face meets as we travel to various fishing spots.
Was going to say something unimportant. But what ever it was must of went out of my brain. But I still have my decal on the back window of my beat up canopy.
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I don't do PayPal and don't want a monthly payment of any kind. Is there some lump sum amount that would help out that I could submit once a year?

I don't mind Paypal, but I, too, would prefer to do a lump sum amount.

Thanks for all the hard work, Chris, and I hope 2020 is kinder on your pockets!

Happy Christmas to all,

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