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You have a great talent for painting beautiful artwork. I really admire you for the talent that you've acquired and the gift you have for it. I've watched some programs on TV and it seems to be somewhat easy to learn (?). I've always been attracted to art, bought some brushes, canvas and paint but never found the time to attempt it. The day will come.. ;) I worked and lived for 5 years in Washington state, loved it there and think it is the best in the US. Now I'm stuck in industrialized Detroit..
Watercolor is difficult to do well.
It requires a lot of skill and discipline and planning, since you cannot just keep painting over things up till you get the right.

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finished one a couple weeks ago and on another, will post what is going on...I may not fish much but painting at this point in my life with a fishing license is about painting...
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these sold to fellow fly fishermen and wom View attachment 224638 View attachment 224640 View attachment 224641 View attachment 224642 View attachment 224643 View attachment 224644 View attachment 224646 View attachment 224649 View attachment 224650 en...sold more to the like minded than this but if anyone is ever interested in a commissioned painting...framed or not we can talk. anytime...send a PM and we can keep it private...I do not talk pricing or duch things publically.
One of those is hanging in my house.

Skip Enge

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I know that area like the back of my hand holding a flyrod...13 mile ...trail 31 back toward the it there though it's been effed up by "improvements...

Skip Enge

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I don’t know if it’s my brain filling in the “details”...
But, you absolutely nailed the essence of a stream scene...clear down to the details of sun penetrating the water down to the rocks below!!
The more I look at it, the more mesmerized I become.
I feel the streams I visit...I know the nuances...I am a lifelong artist and painter...I know this shit..,.and feel every ripple in this old heart

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