My first Steelhead hookup....

Well went out on the Cowlitz today and got my FIRST hookup ever on a REAL Steelhead! Unfortunately it was not on my flyrod, but on a spinning rod driftin lead with a #14 wet fly rather than corkies,yarn,etc. The steelie hit it at the 2 o'clock drift then WHAM! Runaway train up the river and then jumped tail out of the water and then *PING* , snapped my line! It was a HOG!!! At least 15lbs!
I was so pummped, so was my fiance. I was thinking about getting my camera out before I could control the beast, amature thinking!
I think the running fast water and old line attributed to the snapped line. I flyfished for 3 hrs to no avail., so I gave in to my spinning rod and drifted. The water level was almost up 2' more from last week so flyfishing was vertually impossible!
Have you guys ever went fishless for steelhead all day, then just gave in to the spinner and drifted? What is the longest you guys ever went without landing or catching a steelhead on a fly?

Thanks again people!

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