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If you guys are on Facebook this wildlife photographer, Dick Vautrinot, has some absolutely spectaular pics. he just had a series on swallows, and in among the series is I think evidence of the Swallow emerging from a grab, you can see the dent in the water and the water drops in a parabola behind the bird. My hypothesis is the bird has grabbed something emerging and has twisted it's head to separate the bug from the husk, and the latter is what you see falling to the right of the bird. Alternatively the bug eluded the bird and the head turn was to try and hold onto it. Whatever it is it looks like the bird went for a chironomid!

Anyway, it's such a neat shot, if you can check out his work it is consistently outstanding



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Had a great day of Chironomid fishing this week, thanks to our time off from teaching. Saw a few bugs hatching as the day warmed up. Fished a small lake in Central WA. Fish were taking very lightly, my Iracators (the 3/4 inch red and white) wouldn't even necessarily move, just would not look right and a fish would be there. They all came on a size 14 black with red wire rib, but it may be because that was the bug I put on the bottom. The fish were almost all 14-15 inch clones and having them take to air 10 feet from my tube was thrilling. The fish were concentrated on the sunny side of the lake, maybe the slightly warmer water was making the bugs hatch there first. Anyway game on!

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