Indi "Ira" Jones
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Ahhh, yes-the great swivel debate. With Ira being the most vocal anti-swivel advocate and willing to refute the entire body of the BC chironomid community we need some definitive answers. If Ira is correct then all of the multi-colored, gilled and UV resin coated creations on specialty hooks are just unnecessary.

Nope, I simply stated that I won’t use them, because fish will eat them and I like to eliminate variables. By all means fish a swivel all you want.


Active Member
Swivels are beads.
Purchase an open eye hook and you can weaponize it.

Maybe a section of lead core line?
Haven't tried that yet



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Ya I like a tippet ring with a tungsten bead on the line above it to help get it down, little less profile than a swivel and you have a lot of weight options cause you can just change out the bead as needed.

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