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Hi a hunter buddy is bringing me the left over goose he got the other day. What all do people use goose feathers for? I know some are good for Spey flies and then there’s the biots....but are there other areas on the bird that are preferred?

I’m trying to get a handle on my materials hoarding and only keep stuff that’s useful before my wife kicks me out;)


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CDC, flank, wing and shoulder feathers are all good. Goose shoulder is good for wings for spey flies and when burnt makes a good spey hackle also.
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The breast were already taken so no jerky for me.....and no kidding on the pillows! I skinned them out the other day and was pretty impressed with the fluff on the flanks. No wonder they were used for pillows.

This was followed by chasing my dog around the back yard after she got hold of one....:rolleyes: But it’s all good, the skins survived and after the drying I’ll have enough goose to last me the rest of my days:)

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