FS Line purge stage 1: shooting heads and running lines


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Way too many lines laying around and not getting used. Prices include shipping in CONUS. Consider lines to be in good used condition. I will note exceptions (ie brand new lines). If I have the original packaging, I’ll send it with the line. I’ll go to the time stamp if multiple people want a certain line. For payment, please use PayPal. The lines:

Rio in touch trout spey heads (all brand new in package). $25
#3 - 265gr - 22ft Sold
#4 - 305gr - 22ft sold
#5 - 350gr - 22ft Sold

Rio skagit trout max - #4/5 - 325gr - 11ft brand new in package - $25 sold

Nextcast coastal F1 600. White/gray. Never fished but was some discoloration from my head wallet. $45 sold

Nextcast costal 500. Green/gray. Used, loops in good shape. $40 sold

Nextcast zone F1 575. 28ft. Unfished. In box. $50 sold

Two Rio skagit max game changers. F/H/I/S3. Both brand new in box. $45 each
575 grain sold
650 grain

SA SKGX 560 grain skagit head. Very light use. $20

OPST commando heads. All very lightly used. Loops are in great shape. $30 each
450 grain Sold
400 grain
350 grain sold
275 grain sold

Running lines:
Rio connect core (non metered). 100ft.
.026 - $25 sold
.026 - (discoloring from use, loops in great shape) $20 pending
.032 - $25 pending
.042 - $25
.042 - $25

Rio connect core metered. 100ft
.032 - $25 Sold
.032 - $25 pending
.037 - $25

Steve Godshall coated running line. Looped on head end only. Orange color. I would guess it is .040 diameter. $20

Thanks, PM with questions.
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