Im going to get a chance to get out and chase some cutt's and dolly's in the morning. where should I start and what flies are producing right now. I fished below silvana today, but only turned three fish. am I in the right direction if I start at blue stilly park and work up the s. fork or n. fork? Would it be worth heading up some streams that drain into the river, or is it still to early?
I appriciate any help and suggestions! thanks


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I floated the North Fork from the Lime Quarry to Arlington last Sunday and only caught one small cutt. In fact, that was the only fish we saw. The few other anglers we talked to had similar reports, so it must be a little early yet. Most of the good reports I've heard have been from the main river and usually from the lower part at that.

Access to the lower river from Arlington to I-5 is pretty much limited to the areas around Blue Stilly Park or the Cement Plant. From the park just across the South Fork from Arlington (Twin Rivers Park?) you can hike and wade up the North Fork as far as the lower end of the canyon. I used to do that frequently before I started floating the river so often. The best water, just below the canyon, has changed a bit in the last few years, growing deeper on the north side, making it more difficult to fish while wading.

Pilchuck Creek, which drains into the north (Pilchuck) channel of the main river below I-5 (take the first exit north of the Stilly bridge, turn left to cross the freeway overpass and drive to the Pilchuck bridge) is usually best from the latter part of September on. The Pilchuck channel of the main river can provide some good fishing both above and below the mouth of the creek and is fairly wadeable most of the time.

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I might be old---but I'm good.

I was on the river last sunday for a little while. Did not see any thing such as fish feeding or any tell tale rings. I fished that bar down below the Town tavern. There's good access there. Just as you cross the bridge to Silvana there is the Town tavern. Turn right at the first road after the bridge and there is a small parking lot. Park there and just follow the trails. It will take you under the road bridge and the railroad bridge. If you head away from the river you will also find trails along side the corn field for access down to the bar.

What I usually do if I'm new to an area is I look at all my maps to find more access points.


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