Inflatable or Drift Boat?

I'm getting ready to buy a drift boat. I would appreciate some feedback on drift boats or inflatable rafts w/ rowing frames. Which is best to fish from, which is easier to row, track etc. What will be the best all around fishing platform? :confused:
Ron, I've rowed both, but without the rowing frame. DB's are without a doubt, the easier to row and track, as they are on the water, rather than in the water. The only time that I fish from my boat is when I'm on lakes or the salt. On rivers, I pretty much just use the boat to get to the place to fish. Then I beach the boat and wade.


Jerry Daschofsky

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Don pretty much hit it on the head. When it comes to tracking and rowing, the driftboat really shines. But with inflatables, some (not all) are safer for the inexperienced rower and can handle much more weight (well, some, not all again lol). I fish from all my boats, especially in rivers. They both are comparable. Just with the inflatable you can custom design your frame (if you're going custom) to allow more movement in the boat and a wider stance on the water. Depending on what all you want to do with the boat really dictates on which one to buy. Myself, no one boat really suits all I want to use it for. So, when you say "all around use" what does that really entail? Do you mean for lakes with a motor (some driftboats have that availability), rowing harder type whitewater, fishing plugs with conventional gear, etc??? At one time I had whitewater grade 1 man catarafts, 2-4 man whitewater grade cataraft, aluminum driftboat, and a jetsled (with a couple floattubes hanging around). Each had their purpose depending on where I was going fishing and what I was fishing for. Rarely does one truly fit all your needs. But some will fit closer depending on what your full "needs" are.
Thanks for the input guys. I'm thinking a drift boat will be my next logical purchase. Along with better tracking and quicker response and most important, the drift boat will outlive the inflatable. Now all I have to decide on is wood, fiberglass or aluminum. Thanks again.

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