FS Clothing - Outerwear and Layering Simms, Patagonia, and Voormi


SOLD - Patagonia R1 Field Shirt (Fitz Roy), olive and grey, size medium, no staining just minor wear.
20200108_194054.jpg 20200108_194101.jpg

SOLD - Voormi/Fishpond zip tee, merino wool blend, grid interior, smooth exterior finish, thumbholes, greenish/greyish/blueish color with bright green trim, athletic fit, size large, no staining, just minor wear. Excellent layering piece.
20200108_193955.jpg 20200108_194004.jpg

SOLD Patagonia Retro X Vest, size Large, black with grey trim and red interior. Windproof pile fleece, great condition, no staining, just minor wear. This thing is super warm, I call it the oven.
20200108_204915.jpg 20200108_204920.jpg

SOLD - Simms Windstopper Softshell Hoodie, size Large, orange color, minor wear and minor staining near sleeve cuffs
20200108_205019.jpg 20200108_205026.jpg 20200108_205029.jpg

$40 - Simms Softshell Jacket, tan, size Large, minor wear, see pic for staining. This piece is not windproof
20200108_205101.jpg 20200108_205107.jpg 20200108_205112.jpg
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What’s the price and condition on the Patagonia 1/4 zip?
For some reason that part got deleted. I will get the original post updated with the information that disappeared. I have it listed as $80, it is in great shape, no staining, slight piling of fleece. it is a really cool piece.

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