Saltwater Tippet material??

Steve Saville

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I build my leaders from P-Line because it's inexpensive, compared to some other and I change my leaders often. I haven't had any fail with fish upwards of 50 lb. They also have Flouroclear which is a flouro coated line. It makes pretty good leaders as well and is less expensive yet. It also sinks well and is invisible in the water.

Randall Clark

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I use Seaguar STS and ABRAZX (for the bite portion on muskies). But I like the STS because it's a true fluorocarbon & not just coated, isn't terribly expensive, ties great knots, sinks faster than mono, is more abrasion resistant that mono.
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If I was only fishing for SRC and resident coho, what lb test would you recommend? Are you going something like 6-8 feet of level leader?
I’d do a straight shot of 10lb to 12lb for searun and rezzies.
I like a 6-7’ leader myself unless I’m fishing a floater for finicky fish. I’d probably go lighter on the leader then as well.
10 lb to 12lb is overkill but most the time they aren’t leader shy and it let’s you play the fish quickly so you can release them and gives you some added strength should mr. blackmouth decide to join the party.
The little bit heavier leader also helps turn over flies a bit easier.
I hope this helps.

Gary Knowels

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Thanks! I entered the beach game to keep fishing during winter several years ago and read a lot, fished a bit and had minor success, then didn't do it for a couple of years. Now that I live in Tacoma I'm fishing beaches a lot more but couldn't remember what people recommend. As of late I've just been fishing old tapered leaders cut back to the same diameter as 2x mono plus about 3 feet of 2x. It's treated me fine, but now that I'm more active I want to change to a more consistent leader set up.


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yep, Seaguar blue for King's..with an average local hatchery King of 20# to 25# about $200 worth of steaks and filets, I'll spend the extra few bucks for faster sinking fluoro when sweeping tidewater and I need my fly down in the zone.

when fishing stacked chrom's in the lakes without indicator, fluro does a better job of telegraphing those slight nibbles.

Conversely, when swinging shallow or floating dries, I reach for the green...keep it high with a little stretch..