FS F/S/T sold two Scott Radian— Galvan T4


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Looking to sell a 9ft 4wt and a 9ft 5wt Scott Radian. Neither rod Has been fished, and They both still have the original plastic covering the cork. Pristine condition. I bought an orange Galvan T4 and a black t4 with the plan of returning The one I liked the least on the Rods. Unfortunately there are no returns so I am stuck trying to move one of them.

If anyone is interested please pm me. I am looking for $550 for the 5wt and $520 for the 4wt. The Galvan is brand new still in the box and retails for $365. I paid $325 and am just trying to recover my money.



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The title says you're open to trades. If so, what are you looking to trade for the 4wt Radian?

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