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A few years ago a buddy (he bought them) gave me a few of these dragonfly nymphs, and I'm down to 2 and one is pretty chewed. I don't think it is a difficult tie but just stumped on the body material. To me it looks like olive ostrich herl colored with a brown marker, possibly spun in a dubbing loop The hackle is a coachman brown and the head case and wing again looks like ostrich herl. Eyes are mono I think. Measures about 1/2 inch wide at the widest, and a 1/4 inch dorsal to ventral.
Body could be furry foam but unfamiliar with it - never used it. Any ideas cause it can be a really good fly in the right situation.



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Do the fish really care what the brown body material is? I understand the OCD in wanting to replicate the pattern exactly. I have pattern OCD myself. I would use brown ostrich, brown marabou or brown filoplume for the body and see which looked the best.

Looks to be something under the body to make it bulkier in addition to the body feathers.


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Nope, nothing under the body, wrapped tight to the shaft of the hook. Could be a pheasant aftershaft died olive. Thanks never thought of that


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Seems like some marabou and a hackle as well? You might look at Jay Fair "swimming hackle" - when combed out it produces a body "similar" to what I'm seeing in your photos. I have used the swimming hackle to dragon fly nymphs.



Body is trimmed marabou. Shellback could also be some really low-grade (or worn off or stripped) peacock hurl. Hackle reminds of (dyed?) pheasant rump but the barbules seem a little thin. Any sort of large dyed-griz hackle or griz slchappen should do the trick. Head is twisted/wrapped marabou.


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It looks like dyed chickabou to me or dyed leg feathers from a ringneck. Looks like there may be a short dyed pheasant rump hackle as well.

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