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Howdy Ladies and Gents

With Australia needing some help, it's time to get the band back together

in the previous campaign #dozenfordorian, in a little over a month the community raised $42,100 by pledging a flies, trips, art and so much more mostly via Instagram

so with that, we launched #dozenfordownunder yesterday and through day 2 we should break $4000.

We'd love to have more tiers and contributors, as well as bidders on the items. Captain Nick Clayton stepped up with a searun cuttie trip, and there's other guided trips among the killer flies being offered from fly tiers from around the country.

Money again will be collected via the Yellow dog community and conservation fund, and from there we will find the appropriate place to donate with input from the fishing community and partners we have in Australia.

if you're on instagram, search that tag #dozenfordownunder. I'd sure love to break that record we had last time!

Thanks so much everyone, much appreciated

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This Guy- Chris Bamman lives in the South Coast of New South Wales where the damage was perhaps the greatest. He has a ton of videos on re camping, walking, fishing and spending time in those locations. This January 9 link he has beneath his Youtube has some of the organizations that are collecting funds for the fire-relief efforts if you need em Josh.

Josh it may be cool to reach out to Chris directly

In addition, for folks in Seattle, Kangaroo and Kiwi pub is having a fundraiser tonight in Ballard. It's on NW market in the old Carnegie Library. Going to try and make it tonight, If you see a guy drinking some Coopers green label come say hi
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ladies and gents, there's some really, really, really good flies on there....and not too expensive now


The Dude Abides
We should break through the $25,000 mark today if my math is correct, of which I'll verify after work today

There's some ridiculous work on there now that is super low in price that is begging for a couple more bids. Search the hashtag #dozenfordownunder on instagram and you'll see there's over 100 different offerings (likely way more, havent counted)

My goal is to get this over $30,000 and see what happens then. I'm getting word that a few companies are going to be joining the fundraiser soon. Stay tuned

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