FS Rods

Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
I have only a few rod left that haven't sold that a Healing Water friend & I build this time you can pick up a spare for reasonable price,
IM8 Blank material 3pc, 6wt, 10ft AAA cork gripwith fighting butt, H&H stripper, snake guides $130 ship

IM8 material blank 8'6" 5wt, 4pc Struble Reel seat, H&H snake guides, AAA cork grip $115 ship

IM8 blank material AAA cork 9ft 4pc 5wt Purple Agate stripper, H&H snake guides $130 ship

IM8 blank AAA cork, 8ft 3pc 3wt Glossy green H&H snake guides $115 ship


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