Anvil Curved Scissor

Norm Frechette

Do your anvil curved scissor close all the way or stay slightly open?


Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
I've never had Anvil curved scissors, just the straight version. I'd have to say that those are defective. The curved scissors I do use close completely.

To my eye, the left handle shaft (the top assembly in your photo) appears to be bent/defectively formed causing the handles to come in contact prematurely, creating the gap at the blade tips.
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Mark Mercer

Mine are also quit old and close completely, like Jim said the handles look bent. If you can't return them I'd take them apart and bend them till they close.


AKA: Gregory Mine
I’ve got a pair of those as well. Gently bend the finger holes and everything thats blue away from each other. The metal isn’t that hard to reshape. It’s easy to do

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