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Got several lines I’m looking to get rid of. Lines are new or in excellent condition. The saltwater lines were put on a reel but I don’t think they ever got fished. The technical trout lines were test cast for maybe a hour so in great condition. Prices will include shipping for conus only. Private message if interested. I’ll attach a few photos of the lines in boxes

7. Airflo super dri bonefish/redfish WF6F grey/sandy tan light use with original box $40
10. Airflo skagit compact 2.0 540 grain test cast only with original box $20
11. Airflo Speydicator 7wt 490 grains
New in box $35


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Payment sent for:

2. Rio in touch technical trout WF4F sky
Blue/peach/ivory test cast only
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