Anybody used a stacker to even bucktails tips?


New Member
I was wondering if a stacker can be used on buck tails; I just tried it and got mixed results (hair selection didn't include enough long and short hairs). I'm trying to tie the "Bucktail Baitfish" by Martin Bawden and when I tie a clump of the fir, the ends look very sparse, which is not what I wanted.

Looking forward to responses!


Rob Allen

Active Member
I try with limited success.

I once had this conversation with Joe Howell. He suggested that it's all about the preparation of the bucktail. He told me how to do it but i don't remember the process

Yard Sale

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Use more material and after it’s stacked pinch the clump near the butt end where you want to tie it in and then pull all the shorter hairs out with your left hand?


New Member
PhilR... that sounds like the closest method that might actually work for me... one question tho'... what are you rinsing? and why?


Randall Clark

Huge Fly Guy
When I mess with it too much right after cutting it off, that's when things go awry. One thing you should do though, is hold the tips tightly (about halfway down) and pull out all of the under hair. Often this stuff is sharp and can cut your thread & it will prevent you from getting your bucktail to do what you want it to. As Nick alluded to, it's that natural taper that makes bucktail such a great material to work with to a point where "stacking" it doesn't really give you any advantage (maybe to your eye, but often to the detriment of how it actually fishes).


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Not sure there is such a thing, but maybe a stacker with a beveled base might work for getting smoothly transitioned "un-even" tips?

Bob Newman

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After you cut the hair from the tail, clean out the underfur with a flea comb or regular comb, and then put it into the stacker. The most important thing is to use a stacker with a diameter as big as you can find. A stacker that has too small of a diameter will not allow bucktail to move downward in the stacker.


New Member
Thanks everybody for your comments and suggestions... I guess, at this point, it probably a moot point, since less is better... unless someone can tell me differently... I'm open to all suggestions and comments, since this is my first foray into tying bait fish flies.

Bob Newman

Active Member
Now that I have looked at the fly you want to tie, you want your bucktail tapered. You can make it more dense by pulling out the long fibers and positioning them at the point that most of your hair is at to make it look more dense. Sometimes you may need to do that a couple of times because all bucktail is not created equal. As you tie more you will discover the qualities of materials to make it easier to get the look of the fly you want.

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