2020 Legislative Session

Jeremy Floyd

WDFW can't do anything unless legislation is passed giving them directives. That is correct Chris. Exactly what we are talking about with a "legislative session" thread. I would "legislate" WDFW to perform those things in conjunction with other depts.

All of my suggestions are from TED environmental talks, except the one about recreation before commercial, btw..


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It really blows my mind that people think giving the WDFW more money will change anything in regards to the way our salmon, steelhead, crab and shrimp populations are managed. All that does is reward bad behavior. If they do get additional funding they may stock more trout in lakes, study wolves, butterflies, starfish and etc. Guaranteed they will create more positions within the WDFW.

What won't change is the way our salmon, steelhead, crab and shrimp fisheries are managed. That is not within the WDFW's control and they do not even have the will or desire to advocate for those that pay their salary.

The WDFW does not even have a plan on how they are going to begin to remedy the current situation. They have been asked in person and they could not answer the question.

Yes they say it costs more to operate now a days with inflation and increased federal regulations. I don't disagree with that. But let me ask you this where has all the money gone that used to provide countless more hatchery fish then the last ten year or so years? Also, how much does it cost to manage closed fisheries? Fishing seasons have been dramatically reduced in the past decade to the point that they are never open or for only a few weeks to a few month out of the year. That should be millions that they are saving vs 10 years ago.
One should ask that very question, whenever government agencies ask for MORE MONEY


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Bump. I was away earlier this week. I want to remind members that it's time to fire off those emails and phone calls to the legislators again if you care to be in the "hit 'em every two weeks of the session" club.


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Add to your letters a note about the forthcoming closure of the Chehalis system. 6 more weeks of lost opportunity in an area that represents about half the state's remaining steelhead fisheries (or at least hosts about half the anglers). Should save WDFW a bunch on enforcement. Not an outcome that screams for more funding.

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