2020 Skagit steelhead season

Scudley Do Right

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Bummer, I'm not a steelheader but I was going to see if I could bum along with someone on here for a day. I just wanted to go on the Skagit one time before it's closed for good. Looks like it might be too late.


I guess we could have an unofficial "meeting" up in Terrace this spring, where we can discuss how good everyone used to be at steelheading?
Sounds kinda like the Thompson Memorial - i'm sure they all talked about how far they could cast and the monsters they caught . . . back in the day. This really sucks . . . but it's better to err on the side of the fish.
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Thought there was no money for the Skagit this spring even if the numbers showed up...or am I missing something? DDFE90AD-9E41-4D7A-B605-88717EAA8A8F.jpeg

Chris DeLeone

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So I have a quick question - we did this agreement with NOAA along with the Co-managers - I remember if the numbers were under 4K our allowable take (through CnR) was around 4%. I agree with the closing of the river for the CnR angler - probally the least lethal participant in the fishing process
Will the co-managers not fish this spring for their percentage or limit their time on the water in the Spring when they tend to get kelts heading back out - I don't remember how or if that is addressed in the agreement with NOAA

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