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Geriatric Skagit Swinger
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Well, now that my steelhead season has been quashed, I'm thinking about the March opener on the eastside. First couple questions, what's the weather like? And is there a resource to see what's ice free?


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March weather can be a complete crapshoot. Anything from mild semi-warm days to a week of high winds and low temps. You can't simply pick a date that you want to go and have any assurance that you will be able to fish on that date. It's important to be hands-on in terms of the weather forecast and be prepared to leave the minute a weather report turns favorable. This obviously favors us retired guys because we have no time table to work around.:)

And even the damned weather reports can be fickle. I drove clear over to Coffeepot one time expecting mid 30's temps only to spend the night in 14 degree temps. The next morning no one was fishing, everyone in the campground stood around a hot fire pit and drank coffee until it became bearable to fish.

It was still nice to be away from tundra weather though, looking forward to doing it again in a few weeks!


Geriatric Skagit Swinger
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I'm thinking to drag the trailer over for a week or so when the weather forecast is somewhat favorable. It doesn't need to be perfect. After all, I'm a steelhead fisherman, which means I'm crazy and have tons of warm shit to wear.


Indi "Ira" Jones
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Fish till your silly cold. Walk around. Drink beer. Deer burrito time. Back on the water :D
Or, fish until you are silly cold, enjoy a few Irish Deaths, somehow float into the launch, meet a hot cop, warm up and then hit up a friend for a bed and some guinea pig cuddling!


~El Pescador
I need to fish with Ira and Billy - that sounds fun.
my tentative plans are to head over to the Basin from March 12-15.
Home base will be Desert Aire (warm house, hot water and a bbq).
Fish from Rocky Ford to Quincy/Burke to Nunnally/Lenice.
as the time gets closer, I'll narrow it down

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
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Man I am so SO glad it wasn't me that brought this up, this year! Last year I started counting down and Eastern Washington froze solid until second week of March. I was called names, I was bullied and I was blamed for causing it!! Hahaha ... So I have been holding off but... 47 is the number today.

Generally you can fish on March 1st, but some times mother nature says NO. Last year was one of the years depending on the lakes you wanted to fish. Lenice had ice on it until March 20th. So better to have a flexible calendar until 2nd week of February, then plan.

Journal reads like this... At Lenice/Nunnally/Crab Creek area.

Outside temp 2018
39-50. Rain
37-53. Sun
25-55. Sun
22-53. Gray
23-55. Sun
21-51. Sun

Outside temp 2019
32-68. Sun
34-69. Sun
49-69. Sun (pm)
49-53. Rain (cloudy)
35-59. Gray all day

So, be a Boy Scout and "Be Prepared"
Bring on Spring!!! Brrrrr



Geriatric Skagit Swinger
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Or, fish until you are silly cold, enjoy a few Irish Deaths, somehow float into the launch, meet a hot cop, warm up and then hit up a friend for a bed and some guinea pig cuddling!
Damn! With all that going on how do you find time to fish?
I've mixed a lot of things with beer...but guinea pigs?


Geriatric Skagit Swinger
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Keep in mind Ira was suffering from hypothermia. The hot cop was Bertha the stripper from Soap Lake. A crowd favorite yes but not exactly a hot cop...
It's easy to be the crowd favorite stripper when you're the only one!

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