FS SOLD*** 9' Outcast Pontoon Boat ***SOLD

Angler 77

AKA Scott Jones
Longtime not so active member looking to sell my pontoon boat. I just don't get out often enough to justify it. The boat is currently on my truck in Port Townsend.

Just add you and a PFD and you're ready to go fishing. Aluminum frame so it's light, corrosion resistant and easy to handle solo. Pontoons and valves function like new, no leaks. Comes with collapsible oars, flippers, manual air pump and a lead pyramid anchor.

Outcast is a great brand, made with quality components. I've taken this down many of the Olympic Peninsula rivers including the Calawah and Sol Duc with no issues. Fits nicely on top of my truck, easy to load and unload.

Asking $400


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You don't indicate the Outcast model, but it looks like a PAC 900 to me. If so, that is a great price and should sell quickly.
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Angler 77

AKA Scott Jones
I see I have a few PM's, I will get to them, in the order received, tonight when I get home from work.

Thanks to all for looking and inquiring.

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