WTB Wanted dead or alive - Hardy Zenith - 9' 5wt-6wt


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Thanks. Im hoping one pops up. I've been giving some thought to the Zeprhus but not sure its exactly what I am looking for. I mainly fish the Upper Delaware system from my boat.....and LONG casts are the norm. I need something that packs a punch. My 10' 5 wt Loomis Streamdance isnt cutting it on the big water.


Zephrus AWS in a 9’6” 6# is an amazing stick for what you are looking for a rod to do and may be easier to find.

Brian White

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Good luck. I have a 5 weight, cast it last weekend at the (Wisconsin) season opener, it was like a dream. I also have an 8'10" 4 weight one-piece, the best spring creek rod ever made, IMHO.

But neither is for sale, sorry.
i have the 8’10” 4 wt one piece as well. Fantastic rod. the action is something special.


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Tradenstuff has a 9’ 5wt Zenith.
Not cheap at $625 but it is new in tube with a warranty card.


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Interesting. Never heard of that site before but damn theres a lot of rods. I sent an email seeing if they really have one, even though thats above my price point. Thanks Stonefish.


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater....Know Grizzler
You might also consider a Fenwick Aetos.
I can’t remember what the connect between it and the Hardy rods is, maybe the same rod designer?
The Aetos is a really nice casting rod for the money.

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