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out trying the blizzak tires, needed some scotch. no issues with sliding around, but the wind, gusting to 35 here in Sequim, is causing white out conditions along the roadways when you are driving either N or S, amazing but the temp is 34 right now so maybe some melting will happen, who knows. stay safe out there.

driveway and our private road have about 16" of accumulated snow. these tires are really amazing, glad i invested this year as last year this vehicle never left the garage.
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Blizzaks rule!
we have them on both our vehicles.
tried to bust them loose on the Crystal parking lot and it was difficult
good wet road tire too
they just don’t last long

stay safe


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You definitely want to run two sets of tires if you go with studless snows. Nice thing is you can choose a more performance oriented summer tire too instead of all seasons.
yep, come March, i'll swap out the Blizzak for the other tires, don't need this traction during the spring and summer months.


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Yesterday, a friend messaged me from "down island" (I'm on Vancouver Island), saying they'd accumulated 18" of snow. I told him, honestly, that we'd only gotten 4", which I leisurely cleared off the driveway with my leaf blower. Overnight, God smited me for boasting, with another foot...The leaf blower ain't gonna work this time....When will I learn?


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Blizzaks are the shit. My AWD Volvo is unstoppable with them in the snow. I can completely floor the car from a stop on snow and it scoots right off like it’s dry pavement. And they stop a hell of a lot better too.


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Blizzaks are sticky, work great on the Forester but their stickiness is also part of the wear characteristic. I don’t mind, feel safe on snow or wet roads. Have mine mounted on their own rims.

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