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You should not accept usage of PayPal friends and family with transactions on this classifieds. Besides that it's against PP's TOS, normal usage of PP is straight up the best method to CYA when making transactions from afar, with people who are not within your reach.

Without names, I'll note we recently banned a member who signed up back in 2013, albeit with very little site / classifieds usage. The user recently sold two items in bad faith. The items were fake, priced and sold as named, then went radio silent after being called out. Both buyers required, and used successfully, PP's refund option.

1) Remember this if a user you don't know and trust asks you to use PP friends and family.
2) If you get screwed, let us know. It's considered unacceptable and we do our best to rid the site of this type of crap.
3) Handling notes on this...
  • Recorded notes on the user in the offline moderator forum, including his (2) addresses, email and phone number, business name and website. Will be helpful in reference if he returns.
  • Changed userid name from an anonymous name to his actual name.
  • Banned him. Reason for him to see: "Selling gear in bad faith, followed by shit communication, requiring 2 people to acquire refunds via PayPal."
  • Posted this classifieds note to remind about proper PP usage and to continue setting the tone that WFF does not and will not accept this type of crap.
Thanks to the buyer for a detailed heads up.

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