Snow Day!

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
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Well since @_WW_ brought on Snowmagedon 2020 and started the spring opener countdown, I can tell you... 45 days until March 1st!!!!

So what do you do on a Snow Day with no power? I brought firewood in so the wife was happy! I studied this bug from inside the house! Then I filled the bird feeder before the gusts got to bad. Then I sat at the tying bench.

Stay warm and count the days!!!

PS... I vote that @b_illymac is the ice off scout!!!

IMG_20200115_094314_679.jpg IMG_20200114_145315823_HDR.jpg IMG_20200116_093307647~2.jpg IMG_20200115_130557371_HDR.jpg


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Mercifully I still have power but after last night's snow the depth measured 26'' this morning. An 80% chance of 1-3'' more today. The January from Hell marches on.


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Its minus - 35C/-31F here right now so its too cold to snow imagine that..... but the weather is suppose to improve come the weekend oh well at least the days are getting longer............

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